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The sacramental rite of Confirmation is another important step in the initiation process through which young believers and converts are welcomed into full membership in the Catholic Church. Traditionally, most Western countries have celebrated the rite of Confirmation at the juncture between childhood and adolescence, but some parishes are now administering the rites of Confirmation to younger children.Regardless of the age at which the rite of Confirmation is observed, this sacrament is a vital part of every Catholic believer’s journey of faith. Through the process of Confirmation, the Church member affirms his or her belief in the Catholic faith tradition, and the promise of grace that begins with baptism is finally perfected.Celebrate the rite of Confirmation with one of these special keepsakes. Designed with the unique tastes of older, more sophisticated confirmants in mind, these mementos symbolize the transition to adulthood and commemorate the blessings and responsibilities of full membership in the Catholic Church.

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